Estate Planning & Settlement

Helping secure the family’s financial legacy

Making important financial decisions and ensuring a tax-efficient transfer of wealth to future generations require careful planning. At Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge, our intimate understanding of each client’s needs, coupled with in-house expertise in every aspect of Estate Planning and Financial Planning, enable us to provide personalized plans for achieving each client’s short and long-term goals.

Estate Planning
We help ensure a tax-efficient transfer of a family’s financial legacy to future generations, working with clients to:

  • Create a plan to minimize the impact of estate taxes, based on individual client circumstances
  • Bring clarity to complex transfer tax laws, explaining options to enable informed decisions
  • Coordinate with family legal advisors to ensure documents are aligned with client strategies

Estate Settlement
We also administer client estates to ensure their wishes are carried out. Trustees:

  • Serve as executors, overseeing the distribution of assets according to the client’s will
  • Prepare the estate tax and fiduciary income tax returns and manage the probate account, supported by a professional estate administration team
  • Work with heirs throughout the settlement process to answer their questions and provide support as needed