Investment Strategy

A rigorous approach to stock selection

At Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge we primarily invest in the common stock of high-quality, global growth companies. We believe this investment strategy provides our clients with the highest probability of preserving wealth and enhancing their purchasing power over time.

We emphasize quality, assessing a range of qualitative and quantitative factors—from company management and industry factors to earnings stability and dividend growth.

We take the long view, investing in stocks we can buy and hold as long as the fundamentals continue to be strong and valuations reasonable.

We focus on individual stocks. As bottom-up stock pickers, we develop a deep understanding of each company, its industry, and the opportunities and risks it faces.

We have a global outlook. While the majority of companies we own are U.S.-based, most earn a significant proportion of their revenues abroad. As a result, our portfolios are well diversified across global markets.