Impact Investing

Leadership in community development

The Sustainability Group is proud to be one of the largest private client asset managers of community development investments. Our clients have nearly $50 million invested in community banks, credit unions, loan funds, and international microfinance institutions.

Community development investments have the power to positively impact people and the planet by providing access to capital, which creates opportunity for change. Community investments support the strongest grassroots advocates our society has for social and economic justice and environmental reform.

The positive impact of these investments can be measured by the number of jobs both saved and created, the units of affordable housing constructed, the childcare spaces created, and the acres of farmland preserved, to name just a few.

See how we’ve made an impact

Women in Agriculture
Our investment in Root Capital, a nonprofit social investment fund, provides credit and financial training to food producers in Africa and Latin America that provide economic opportunities to women. This enables women producers to improve the food security and nutrition of their families, invest in their children’s health and education, and participate more actively in community decisions.

Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods (SUN)
Our investment in the Boston Community Capital SUN initiative, launched in 2010, is focused on buying foreclosed homes in critical neighborhoods and reselling them to the existing occupants at affordable prices. The goal is to stabilize neighborhoods hit hard by the foreclosure crisis, reducing blight and keeping families in their homes. To date, the initiative has helped over 485 families remain in their homes.

Supporting Family Farms
We invest in Coastal Enterprises (CEI), a lender specializing in rural business development serving communities throughout Maine, New England and New York. CEI provides financing for agricultural and food-related enterprises to strengthen local economies, provide opportunities for disadvantaged groups and have a positive impact on the environment. Since 1978, CEI has provided more than $10 million in financing and equity investments to over 140 local enterprises.