A Shareholder’s Voice

A strong shareholder’s voice

We use our standing as shareholders to communicate with companies on a variety of sustainability issues—from environmental impact to fair labor standards—encouraging companies to take appropriate actions.

Partnering with like-minded investors, we engage constructively with companies and encourage them to take appropriate actions toward sustainability. We hold companies accountable for their impact on society and expect to see progress over time.

This dynamic, practical approach is the difference between simply demanding sustainability and actively working to create it in the world around us.

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See how we’ve made an impact

Animal Welfare
We pressed a fast, casual restaurant to improve its policies and practices to ensure the humane treatment of farm animals in its supply chain. As a result, the company has enhanced transparency around its policies and practices in this area.

We pressed a major technology leader to address insufficient gender diversity at the board and executive levels. Following our engagement, the company made significant changes to its board nominating charter

Deforestation and Palm Oil 
Palm oil cultivation is a major driver of global deforestation and carbon emissions. We are currently working with an international conglomerate which owns a large palm oil producer in Indonesia, the parent company to the second largest palm oil producer, to eliminate its most environmentally destructive practices.