Investment Approach

At Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge, we've been helping enhance and preserve wealth for our clients for decades. While investment strategies have evolved, one thing hasn't changed: our commitment to prudent stewardship of client assets through careful, long-term investment in high-quality, growth-oriented securities worldwide.

Our approach to developing and managing investment portfolios for our clients is:


All investment decisions are based on trustees' clear understanding of each client's goals, priorities and risk tolerance, as well as their tax posture and income requirements. When developing an investment plan, we take into account the full range of client assets, including real estate, business assets and other holdings.


We focus on reasonably priced stocks in quality companies with solid growth potential. Portfolios are diversified and global, offering clients broad exposure to a variety of industry sectors in markets around the world. We believe this approach offers the best prospects for long-term growth. For clients seeking alternative investments to meet specific financial needs, we can provide customized solutions that offer exposure to a variety of asset classes, including fixed-income and commodities-based investments.


In selecting securities, we place a particular emphasis on qualitative factors. We believe investing in quality tends to provide better long-term results, as well as better results in periods of economic and financial stress. We focus on companies with little to no debt, high returns on invested capital, long records of consistent growing earnings, and strong management teams. In fixed income investments, we focus on U.S. Treasuries, other sovereign debt or the highest-grade general obligation municipal bonds.


Trustees work collaboratively in selecting and managing investments, benefiting from their combined insights. All client portfolios are reviewed in collective trustee meetings, offering clients the advantage of a team of experienced, senior advisors evaluating their portfolio. We complement the trustees' expertise with that of independent investment counselors, who provide advice as needed.


We do not engage in market timing. Our experience has shown that a disciplined, long-term approach based on careful analysis serves our clients best in the long run. As a result, portfolios exhibit low turnover. We actively monitor portfolios, making changes only in the context of long-term investment strategies.