Investment Management

Pursuing investment growth collaboratively

At Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge we primarily invest in the common stock of high-quality, global growth companies. We invest in companies that we can buy and hold as long as the fundamentals continue to be strong and valuations reasonable. We are "bottom-up stock pickers" with a focus on developing a deep understanding of the company, its industry, and the opportunities and risks it faces.

We emphasize companies with a long runway of growth ahead and a strong track record of efficient capital allocation. We prefer companies with stable earnings and dividend growth and low levels of debt. The majority of the companies we own are U.S.-domiciled.

All investment decisions are based on trustees' clear understanding of each client's goals, priorities and risk tolerance, as well as their tax position and income requirements. Trustees take a collaborative approach to investment management, drawing on their collective experience through regular investment meetings.

Also, The Sustainability Group within Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge offers clients who are interested in Socially Responsible Investing the opportunity to align their investments with their values by integrating environmental, social and governance factors into the investment process.